Our core expertise at Aufwin Defence Systems is delivering Autonomous Perimeter Security and Battle Management Systems built on our Defence IoT platform where a number of sensors are utilized on a desired area to offer a comprehensive Autonomous Perimeter Security, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Platform utilizing advanced Sensor Fusion and Artificial Intelligence.

Sensor fusion refers to the combination of data from multiple sensors to improve the accuracy and reliability of detecting and classifying objects within the secured perimeter. These sensors include thermal imaging cameras, visible light cameras, infrared motion detectors, acoustic sensors, land, air and naval radars and seismic sensors to name a few. Each sensor has its strengths and weaknesses in terms of detecting objects. Sensor fusion aims to combine the data from multiple sensors to provide an accurate picture of the perimeter.

By combining the data from multiple sensors, the system can compensate for the limitations of individual sensors, improve accuracy and also reduce false alarms. For example, thermal imaging cameras can detect body heat, while visible light cameras can provide details about the appearance of the object. Combining the data from these sensors helps to detect and classify objects more accurately.

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