Aufwin offers a variety of ground and low altitude surveillance radars covering imminent vicinity into tens of kilometers depending on the chosen radar(s).

Ground surveillance radars are excellent sensors in identifying possible perimeter threats at all weather conditions. Aufwin Defence Systems offer a number of radars from >20 meters to several kilometers depending on the desired purpose. Radars are often used for security alerts in airports, prisons, industrial sites, oil fields and pipelines and other key industrial areas. Or for security monitoring at ports, borders and other key areas requiring high and reliable safety information and protection.


Low-altitude surveillance radar is a set of three-dimensional space surveillance radar for low-altitude small targets with all-round and high-elevation coverage. The radars are mainly responsible for real-time reconnaissance of aircraft, ground personnel, vehicles and other targets in the surrounding areas, finding and tracking the identified targets, and outputting target information into the control System. Low altitude surveillance radars often support three modes of installation: fixed, vehicle-mounted and portable, and are flexibly suitable for different application scenarios.

Radars in general are excellent tools for security as they work perfectly in almost all weather conditions and provide a solid platform for other sensors to provide additional information for the security and battle management systems.

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