Wireless Seismic Sensors are an effective way to secure premises when the sensors need to be out of sight and underground.

Aufwin Defence Systems offer Wireless Seismic Sensors (WSS) that are developed by Aufwin together with its partners. The most important advantage of using wireless seismic ground sensors is their element of surprise. When buried, the sensors are completely hidden, and the long transmission range of the sensors allows installing them in tactical locations to provide an early warning and a further layer of protection compared to existing sensor system(s).

The sensors are e.g. a smart trigger to security cameras. Unattended ground sensors can also help to improve the ability of CCTV cameras (fixed or PTZ), by wirelessly triggering a remote camera only on events of interests and in this way to create a more complete, smart and reliable solution which reduces the need for personnel to operate the cameras.

Aufwin’s open platform, long wireless transmission range and simple connection to security cameras enables also a variety of possibilities for upgrades of existing security camera systems.

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